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Magma Resort Santorini, Greece

The most anticipated opening in Santorini just in time for Greek summer season 2022, the 59-room Magma Resort Santorini will be the first Hyatt branded resort in the Greek islands, located amongst traditional old vineyards, on the lava-made slopes of Vourvoulos on this legendary Cycladic island.


“This is a hallmark project for SWOT and for the destination,” says SWOT Hospitality President Mr. Stelios Koutsivitis, the hotel’s management company. “As a team, we are passionate about entering into this agreement with Hyatt and are dedicated to creating an authentic, extraordinary and soulful resort that carries the spiritual DNA of Greece.”


More on Magma:
The fertile volcanic soil and the natural forms of ‘aspa’ (volcanic ash) in the region play to Santorini’s rich geological history. The black sand and warm seawater in the nearby Columbus Beach, are both a remnant of a faraway past and a herald to the distant future. The location allows for an unobstructed panoramic view of the eastern Aegean Sea, miles of virgin land and nearby Anafi island.


The property’s design resembles a deconstructed version of the traditional Cycladic dwelling, incorporating a sustainable yet modern exterior that seamlessly integrates the lava-made/stone elements effortlessly blending with the island’s topography.


The resort’s culinary experience, Magma by Spondi, will be curated by a two-starred Michelin chef and honor local agriculture and seasonal ingredients in a contemporary and inventive interpretation. The restaurant’s menu features local signature dishes and other fine dining options paired with the famed wines from the rich viticulture of which the destination is known.


The expansive Lava Spa & Wellness Center, a subterranean spa, invites travelers to discover signature treatments and step into a journey of self-realization and rejuvenation.


A host of amenities, and exclusive island excursions, await guests at Santorini’s most anticipated opening.