Andria Mitsakos | ASTIR BEACH
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Athens Riviera – Greece


Ultimate luxury merges with fabled myth with the much-anticipated re-launch of Astir Beach, one of Greece’s most illustrious, and world famous resort destinations, reemerging as the epicenter of the Athens Riviera.

Reveled by beach goers, in summer 2019, Astir Beach will introduce a new bar, a completely re-imagined entertainment concept, new retail boutiques, a new gym and spa, and design elements that give a subtle nod to its 1960’s soul. The open space at Astir Beach was rebuilt in 2018 to house Nice-n-Easy Seaside, serving inventive sustainable Mediterranean cuisine in chic, beachfront setting.

Unique to Astir Beach is the designated archeological site of Temple Apollo Zoster, which Astir is committed to protecting and preserving.

Astir Beach, both in allure and location, has been hosting the Athenian elite as well as international VIPs since 1959. Designed by the prominent Greek architect Kostas Voutsinas, Astir Beach sets an unprecedented aesthetic standard, introducing its trademark colorful beach umbrellas and the seagull-inspired beach shades among myriad others.

In 1966, with the opening of the water ski school, Astir beach made celebrity history, as it is often visited by Christina Onassis, Joan Collins, Brigitte Bardot and other famous personalities. Ship owners, businessmen, rock stars, actors, and politicians make it one of their favorite destinations.
Astir Beach’s rebirth promises to re-introduce the destination as one of Europe’s foremost premier resort destinations, with a legacy primed and ready to meet its contemporary counterpart.

“I am particularly passionate about this client given my Greek heritage, my love for Athens and… Astir Beach, which will be having a true contemporary renaissance…” – Andria Mitsakos

Photo credit Yiorgos Kordakis