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Acron Villas


Acron Villas, Paros, Greece


Acron Villas – Infused with mesmerizing beauty, alive with Greek mythology, few islands express themselves as authentically and joyfully as the Cycladic island of Paros. Nestled in a rustic landscape where rock and sunlight reign, each of the 24 Acron Villas cascade amphitheatrically down a hill overlooking Naoussa Bay to offer guests the kind of serenity only epic views over the infinite Aegean Sea can induce. Inspired by the genuine cosmopolitan nature of the Cyclades, each immaculate villa – iconically embellished with a private pool and a garden – is characterized by its minimal aesthetics that creates a carefree ambiance of ivory hues, myriad shades of blues and organic earth tones: a tasteful and fully-equipped gem of privacy indeed for lovers of modern comfort seeking to escape the typical crowded hotel scenery, while also enjoying bespoke à la carte services.

Located near the stunning Kolympithres Beach famed for its granite formations whilst close enough to the island’s endless recreational offerings and the island’s undisputed lifestyle and nightlife hub, Naoussa, Acron Villas is composed of two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom villas providing more than a luxury home away from home, allowing travelers to slide effortlessly into the rhythm of Parian life that revitalizes mind, body as well as spirit.