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Resourceful and results-oriented, AMPR is an integrated communications firm creating strategies for tourism, hospitality, wellness, real estate, food & wine, and wellness clients seeking awareness in the US and English-speaking markets.
Andria Mitsakos, integrated communications, tourism, hospitality, wellness, real estate, food & wine, wellness
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AMPR is a globally-conscious, multi-cultural, integrated communications company narrating the art of travel through culture, craft, and relevance for clients in the hospitality sector seeking to connect with audiences who share a definitive point of view. Our ethos is to preserve authenticity in hospitality, whether its a destination, an urban hotel, a island resort, a vineyard, a gastronomy concept or a wellness brand. Our alignment with clients is imperative, our passion strong and our results, measurable.



Authenticity is the soul of hospitality.

– AMPR President & CEO Andria Mitsakos



    We offer consultancy, project work and ongoing campaigns in the following categories:

  • Re-Emergence + Re-Invention

    How to Communicate Your Brand in a Very New World of Travel


    Today’s traveler is now more than ever cautious careful about choosing their destination, their hotel, and their experiences. Our President & CEO Andria Mitsakos lives by the mantra that, authenticity is the soul of hospitality. Does your marketing communications plan embrace this all-important ethos?

    – Ideation: Pivot your business model to acquire new revenue streams

    – Authentic Storytelling Experience Development: Create story angles relevant to the current media agenda and consumer preference



  • New Market Entry, Openings and Launches

    The What, How, When and Whom of it All


    The navigation of entering a new market is critical. You need local heroes as leaders and ambassadors to learn protocols and value the community around you. All of these are critical factors to achieve long-term success and reputation.

    – How to enter a new market based on today’s audience accounting for specific short and long term goals

    – Highlight USPs of your product that will appeal to the new market and position accordingly



  • Corporate Communications

    Narrating Your Company’s Core Values Internally and Externally


    Your company’s actions, including how you treat your employees, and even the plate on your restaurant table and where buy it, prominently speaks about what you stand for and that affects who patronizes your establishment.

    – Define mission statement, key messaging and social responsibility programs to implement consistency across all communication

    – Determine company’s perception in the media and ultimately, with the consumer to reinforce or modify image



  • Crisis Management

    Mitigate Damage Early and Keep Messaging Succinct


    Travel PR is a lot like politics, optics is important. So when faced with a crisis, you need to be ahead of the game.

    – Develop a crisis management plan to have in place addressing worst-case scenarios

    – Implement a communications plan and internal talking points anticipating potential negative feedback and company response



  • Overall Brand Strategy

    Reset Your Communications


    A sensitive market is paramount in today’s brand strategy. Who are you and how to you tell the world who you are? Watch your tone.

    – Language: Set the narrative through carefully chosen language and tone taking into account today’s sensitive social climate

    – Visuals: Sensitive tone to be reflected in use of images in brochures, videos, website, and social media, etc., relating to new social standards




  • Media Relations

    PR 101 / What Works in Today’s New Environment


    The media world has changed; we help you navigate it.

    – How to communicate to media with respect to timing, content and deadlines

    – Differentiate between the need for hard news vs creative storytelling

    – Position your company as a go-to resource for media within your industry




  • Digital Marketing + Social Media

    It’s Not Just About the Post


    Your digital footprint and social image help you gain respect in a highly competitive environment. Content is king.

    – Utilize social media as a powerful branding and communications tool

    – Develop integrated content and communications across all consumer-facing platforms




Andria Mitsakos
President and C.E.O.

With contacts spanning the globe, and an innovative ethos to marketing communications, Andria Mitsakos has more than 25 years of experience with some of the world’s most visionary leaders in travel, hospitality, gastronomy, and wellness. Her career began in-house as director of corporate communications for a resort company in the Caribbean, which led her to launch a series of communications consultancies, before opening AMPR in 2003. Today, the thriving firm reflects her connections, passion and prescience.


Culture, travel, design, and authenticity are at the core of everything Andria does, and is reflected in the high-impact approach to her work, her beloved team, and her client list. With a reputation across the industry for being sharply resourceful, hospitality brands also call on her to consult on ideation, where she combines the art of storytelling with soulful design concepts, as well as the sourcing of profound art, antiques and unique objects.

Erika Vives
Vice President 

Based in New York City with more than 20 years experience in travel and lifestyle public relations, Erika oversees media strategies, client relations and daily account operations. Current and past experience includes campaigns for tourism boards, luxury beauty products, online travel companies, beer and wine brands, with a strong knack for boutique hotels in emerging destinations. A seasoned writer, strategist and trend spotter, she keeps her eye on current, cultural leanings providing a valuable edge, which keeps her clients relevant and front of mind with the media. With Peruvian and Spanish descent, Erika is bilingual in English and Spanish, and travels to her “adopted homeland” of Mexico whenever possible.

Nadeige Martelly
Senior Vice President 

With over 20 years experience in PR and marketing, Nadeige oversees the firm’s business development, and is instrumental in communications, brand management, digital marketing, and art direction. She supports social responsibility, consults on and develops sites and manages marketing for various companies related to AMPR. Born in New York, based in Miami and in the Caribbean, Nadeige is multiethnic and multilingual with a fluency in French, Creole and English. She is a virtual and cultural polymath passionate about sharing discoveries and connecting creators together. Travel, books, writing, horticulture, food, art and digital media enhance her soulful approach to encouraging and developing new concepts, complementing her visions of a more sustainable future.

Carlos Coriano 
Vice President, Marketing

Carlos A. Coriano specializes in integrated marketing, customer retention and brand management with 25 years of expertise in tourism. His passion for gastronomy and sustainability developed during his professional career that includes executive positions in leading companies within the hospitality industry with a breadth of strategic consulting and entrepreneurship experience spanning Latin America, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Atlantic creating campaigns for hotels, resorts, destinations, gastronomy concepts, and retail. Carlos earned a combined M.S. from New York University in Integrated Marketing and Tourism Management, and was a recipient of the Richard V. Benson Memorial Scholarship for leadership in direct and interactive marketing. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Damion Breust
Senior Vice President, Commercial

Damion Breust has spent the past 30 years in leadership roles, building teams at globally recognized companies in a range of highly competitive international market sectors in over 40 countries. During his professional tenure, Damion has occupied senior roles at agency and major corporations, leading multi-disciplinary and international teams to create and deliver multi-million dollar events, implement comprehensive incentive programs, global marketing initiatives, business development and overall operations. Prior to moving to Athens, he served as Head of Corporate Relations for Barclays Bank in Asia Pacific, overseeing the region’s Corporate Communications, Brand Management, Corporate Citizenship and Community Investment. His most recent role was CEO of Directions Conference and Incentive Management in Sydney, where he oversaw the company’s worldwide operations. In all of these roles, Damion highlights respect for colleagues, client priorities, and the importance of cultural differences, as fundamental to his management approach. His leadership record has shown passion for creativity and rigorous attention to detail in every aspect of his work ethic.

Rebie Bautista
Senior Director

Rebie is based in Denver, Colorado with more than 15 years experience working in travel, hospitality, destination tourism boards and lifestyle public relations and marketing. A media relations pro, Rebie’s close ties with key editors and freelance journalists ensures maximum coverage for AMPR’s clients with top-tier national and international outlets. Complementing her diverse marketing background, Rebie brings a unique approach to media relations with big picture objectives in mind, providing targeted results for AMPR’s entire client portfolio. A social media maven with an eye for forecasting trends, she is able to keep tabs on the ever-changing media landscape. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Ana Sofia Suarez
Liaison Latin America / Caribbean  

With a strength for diplomatic and interpersonal relationships, Ana Sofia is based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, consulting for AMPR clients in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.  A pro at story telling and sourcing, she’s a go-to for journalists looking for that off-the-beaten path angle, or a hard-to-find source for a story. Her database of hotel and tourism experts is an extensive one, having come from a family steeped in hospitality. Extensive training in sales is also highly present in her hospitality portfolio as she served as a travel advisor while working at several of Santo Domingo’s most prestigious agencies, some, Virtuoso members, which resulted in various certifications and a in-depth knowledge of food and beverage concepts. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Ana Sofia is also an accomplished jewelry designer, and enjoys furniture and architectural design.

Patricia Herlehy

As a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional, Patricia has been meeting the financial needs of corporations and individuals in the US and abroad for the past 20 years. Consulting AMPR, she ensures that the company’s financial transactions are accurately represented, proactively heeding the company’s financial goals. She also specializes in preparing asset and liability account management, and auditing financial reports for individual clients. Patricia got her start in the accounting industry while at college where she began as an associate for a small accounting firm. After graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, she started her own business servicing clients in South Florida. Patricia is an accomplished individual who is very passionate about the financial world, and upholds a strong work ethic. She enjoys writing poetry, crafting, and wood working.